Connections 101

A course from Linda Kohanov

Learn to be a better communicator. Maintain healthy and lasting relationships. Motivate and positively influence friends, family, and colleagues. Using scientific research, professional experience, and the wisdom of horses, Linda Kohanov will help you develop greater emotional self-awareness and strengthen your ability to connect with others.

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Experience Connections 101

What will I learn?

Self-awareness can help give you the upper hand in any social setting. Through this course, gain techniques to objectively assess and understand your own emotions and those around you. You will be able to use these insights to unlock the skills needed to improve your confidence and self-esteem, connect more deeply with others, and lead and influence with integrity.

Quickly Read a Room

Access and interpret others’ body language and changes in behavior to improve your social interactions.

Become an Influencer

Assert power and influence without aggression using techniques that heighten your emotional intelligence while increasing your confidence and assertiveness.

Conquer Stress

Overcome powerful emotions that lead to stress or anxiety. Calmly manage conflict, master fears, and set healthy boundaries in stressful situations.

Enjoy Life More Fully

Strengthen your personal connections by mastering your own emotions. Learn to improve creativity, practice mindfulness, and trust in your own intuition.

Master Emotional and Social Intelligence

Through her work with horses, Linda has spent her career helping people better understand themselves and others through social and emotional intelligence and reading nonverbal cues. Her unique and proven method will equip you with the tools to apply this skill in your life to make healthy changes.

Create More Meaningful Social Connections

Improve your social intelligence so that you can interact with friends, family, and significant others with understanding and mindfulness.

Build a More Commanding Presence

Gain tools for displaying leadership, trustworthiness, and dependability to others in your workplace.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Understand yourself more fully so that you can live decisively. Learn to be assertive without being aggressive.

Improve Your Emotional Health

Learn to read the messages behind your emotions so that you can make wise decisions and operate from a place of balance and peace.

Experience Connections 101

Is this really for me?

If you are looking for a program that combines thought-provoking, life-changing guidance through a flexible and innovative personal platform, this course is for you. Kohanov’s approach to understanding relationships and emotion has been taught to thousands around the world, helping people create more meaningful relationships while learning more about their own emotional process.


What can we learn from horses?

Unlike dogs or cats, horses are herbivores, not predators. They are extremely powerful, despite being viewed as prey by some animals in the wild. This makes them assertive but not aggressive, and keenly aware of their surroundings. They can sense a predator hiding at a distance, and they may perform altruistic acts to save vulnerable herd members from attacks. We can learn a lot from these exemplary models of social and emotional intelligence.

An innovative and practical nature-based approach to leadership—and life. It’s not just for corporate executives. Parents, teachers, community organizers, film directors, and especially politicians would all benefit from learning these skills.”

William Shatner, Actor & Director


What’s in the course?

Connections 101 is a new adaptation of workshops that Linda has been teaching to thousands of individuals over the past decade. In this self-paced online course, Linda takes seven hours of lecture, story telling, scientific background, and practical exercises and conveniently breaks them down into three major lessons over 33 bite-sized videos.

Getting Started (17 minutes)

Introduction (17:04)

Feelings are Contagious (8 Lessons, 1 hour 35 minutes)

Part One: Core Experiences (15:11)
Part Two: Tuning In (07:36)
Part Three: Designed to Connect (07:10)
Part Four: Scientific Studies (09:29)
Part Five: Hidden Emotions (10:52)
Part Six: A Simple Tool (15:09)
Part Seven: Mind Body Connection (17:55)
Part Eight: The Body Scan (11:10)

Use Emotions as Information (14 Lessons, 2 hours 49 minutes)

Part One: The Challenge (07:46)
Part Two: Answers and Antidotes (17:37)
Part Three: Emotional Message Chart (07:10)
Part Four: Fear and Vulnerability (08:28)
Part Five: Anger and Frustration (13:21)
Part Six: Incongruence Alarm (08:45)
Part Seven: Disappointment (07:35)
Part Eight: Envy and Jealousy (15:02)
Part Nine: Sadness and Grief (10:15)
Part Ten: The Master of Sadness (18:18)
Part Eleven: Depression (20:05)
Part Twelve: Shame and Guilt (20:04)
Part Thirteen: The Suicidal Urge (05:27)
Part Fourteen: What About the Positive Emotions (08:29)

Managing Emotions (10 Lessons, 1 hour 47 minutes)

Part One: The Symphony We’re Playing Today (08:57)
Part Two: Emotional Intelligence PhD (06:19)
Part Three: Use the Body Scan (08:46)
Part Four: Interpersonal Mindfulness (12:38)
Part Five: Breathing is a Language (08:33)
Part Six: Breathing Vocabulary (10:18)
Part Seven: Breathe and Regulate (09:02)
Part Eight: Coherence (14:27)
Part Nine: Watch Nonverbal Dynamics (06:41)
Part Ten: Gather Information and Diffuse Defensiveness (21:32)

Bonus Materials

Guided Coherent Breathing: Original music and images designed to help people access “coherence,” the state of “relaxed alertness” taught in Lesson 3. Coherent breathing encourages an optimal state for dealing effectively with challenges and thinking more clearly and creatively. By accessing this state yourself, you can also have a positive effect on everyone around you.

(Coming Soon) The Emotional Message Game: Building on the emotional messages in Lesson 2, and techniques for managing emotions in Lesson 3, this video offers a short quiz where you learn ways of productively communicating emotional messages, while diffusing defensiveness in others.

Emotional Fitness and Coregulation Skills for Equestrians, Pet Owners and Animal Advocates: In this guide, Linda covers emotions commonly encountered at the barn, and other contexts where humans and animals interact. Learn a quick protocol for managing fear. Also helpful to people who work at animal rescues, or adopt an animal needing extra support.

About Your Instructor

Linda Kohanov

Linda Kohanov is a world-renowned speaker, riding instructor, trainer and author whose five books have been translated into multiple languages. In 1997 Linda founded Eponaquest, an equine-facilitated learning program she uses to teach people the skills needed to improve their leadership, assertiveness, personal empowerment, and emotional fitness. Linda and her team have trained over 300 instructors who offer Eponaquest-based programs across five continents.

How to Enroll

Pay all at once and save $47 or pay over time in six easy installments. Choose the option that best suits your needs. Take the course at your own pace. Repeat the course again and again.


Do I need experience with horses to benefit from this course?

No previous experience with horses is needed for you to benefit from this course. Whether you’re a horse enthusiast or you’ve never been around one before, the coursework brings teachings in a way you may not have thought of before. You won’t be learning about horses; you will be learning from them.

Will this help me in my job?

Absolutely! The techniques in this course can help you to better collaborate with different personalities, from aggressive to passive-aggressive, gain the trust of others, and become a positive force for change in the workplace. You will learn skills and techniques that can help shift the tone of the room, often without saying a word.

Will this help me if I work from home?

This course will help improve any work environment. The lessons learned can translate into better virtual-office skills such as writing more effective emails, reading nonverbal cues over video conference, and assessing verbal communication over the phone.


It’s been a tough year. Can this course improve my outlook or help boost my creativity?

In this course you will learn how to channel your emotions into a healthier mindset, quickly becoming more observant and mindful of the world around you. Don’t let your emotions run you. This course helps you learn how to harness them to become more thoughtful, creative, and productive in your daily life.

Can this help in my personal relationships?

Whether a spouse, a child, a neighbor, a friend, or a new prospective partner, all relationships are based on communication! This course gives you insight into how to improve communication and conflict management in current relationships, while also helping you be a better judge of character when forming a new one.

Will this course help me when working with other animals besides horses?

Many of the techniques offered are helpful when working with household pets, such as dogs and cats. This also includes adopted or rescued pets with trust issues or those who may have previously been mistreated.


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